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Metal Color Mirror Surface Case

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Easy Contact Lens Remover helps youput inandremoveyour contact lens easily with dirty hands.

- Very simple to use
-Handy & Portable. Bring it everywhere you go!

Contact Lens Kit with Mirror includes:
  • 1 XSilicon Tip Nozzle Tweezers
  • 1 X Contact LensApplicator
  • 1 X Contact Lens Case
  • 1 X Contact LensSolutionVial

1. Use the soft silicon tip tweezer to place the contact lens on theapplicator stick.

2.Hold up eyelid, open your eyes wide, eyes looking upward. PlaceContact Lens into your eye.

3. ToRemovecontact lens:Hold upeyelid, with eyes looking upward. Use thetweezer(silicon tip nozzle pointing upward)to gently grip the bottom halfof your contact lens.