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Uniieye is a color contact lens manufacturer founded in 2019. Uniieye lenses embody international design, fusing unique patterns in a palette of fabulous shades. We offer a wide range of styles with thousands of colors and patterns, seek fashion with timely updates to help every customer in pursing Love, Optimism, Versatility, Elegance, Legend and Youth.

“Double eyes shine natural beauty” 

---- Uniieye slogan

Uniieye is very attentive to the design, but also to the safety and quality of materials used in its product. Reliability and trustablity are the main guidelines in which we believe. As a result, we continually strive to improve our quality standard to help every customer to see the world more clearly, move more freely and feel more comfortable.

With over seven years of product and customer service excellence, Uniieye®  contact lenses have built a loyal customer base worldwide, such as South Korea, Japan, England, America, and Singapore. We are always on the way of making colored contact lenses. When you choose us, you also choose the high quality, low cost, and thoughtful service.

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TEL: 86 18593116063

Company:Wuhan YINGJIA Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.

Company Address:No. 12 (-138), 15th floor, Building 10, Phase A (Wangjiawan Central Living Area), Land Development Zone A, Moshan Village, Hanyang District, Wuhan City

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