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UNIIEYE Yellow Mesh Crazy Contact Lenses

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Model Eye Color:Brown   

Nude Lens Color:Yellow

Recommended for Cosplay, theme nights and other special occasions, Freshlady Cosplay series contacts with different designs bring an extra level of realness to your favorite character costumes. With these lenses on you'll be the absolute spotlight of the crowd!


The layered lens technology keeps the colour design sandwiched between two layers of the lens material to better preserve the colours and to keep the pigment from touching your cornea directly.


We work hard to ensure our lenses lead the market in quality and comfort. The tear rotation edge structure keeps your eyes naturally hydrated by letting your tears pass through behind the lens.

FDA Approved Quality

UNIIEYE contact lenses are manufactured to international safety standards FDA and CE marked. Just as safe as any conventional lenses you buy at the pharmacy.

Note: The effect of glasses worn by eyeballs of different colors may be inconsistent with that worn by models.