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Uniieye Stunna Girl Nadine Daily Colored Contacts | 10 pcs

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Material HEMA+NVP
Water content 40%-42%
Type colored contact lenses
Base curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.0mm
Period of use 1 day
Packaging 10 Pcs+1 Lens case
1. High moisture content: These lenses are made from soft lens material that contains more moisture, which provides all-day comfort.The fit and feel of the lenses will vary per person.
2. Lens type: These lenses have rounded edges so they will provide a natural, friction-less wearing experience.
3. Applicable to both light & dark eyes! It helps change the color of pupils, makes your eyes look bigger and get you more beautiful.
4. Independently designed and produced fully-molded and semi-molded molds ensure the stability of product quality from the source.
5. Non-ionic Raw Material: Materials of high quality effectively against protein stains, making lenses soft and comfortable to wear.
6. UV Blocking. Help to block daily ultraviolet when you are outside. Wearing  comfortable contact lenses every day means that you have additional protection for your eyes.